crochet mandala

Customized Crochet Tank Top

Hello everyone;

Trying my first post in english

It’s spring time and temperature is rising in Portugal. There’s nothing like showing a little skin and catch some sun.

For this, i propose a very simple tank top customized with a very eye catchy crochet mandala.

You can get a very exclusive piece without spending a lot of money.

Just choose a used t-shirt or a new one (you can find it at very reasonable prices at Zara, Mango, H&M or on your nearby neighbourhood fav store).

After you’ll just need:

Yarn / Yarn Scraps

Go to Pinterest and choose a mandala that you like. You can get some ideas from my Pinterest mandala board at

Start your project and enjoy.

Please stay tuned for my next mandala colourful project… coming soon.